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What is necessary to start the investing?

In order to start the investing, you need to register the personal account in our investment program.


Whether is available an opportunity to delete the personal account?

No, this is not available.


How many personal accounts is available to create in the program?

Any client has the right to create one personal account. For creation of multiple registration all accounts of such client will be blocked.


During creation of the personal account I has typed not relevant (not correct) payment data. How to fix it?

To change payment data, write the appropriate request to the customer support.


During creation of the personal account I has typed not the relevant (not correct) e-mail address. How to fix it?

To change the e-mail address, write the appropriate request to the customer support.


How is safe the personal account creation and the personal data transmission to the company?

The company’s website is equipped with the modern ssl-encryption protocol of the transmitted data from the Comodo company. So all information and data are secured safely.


What electronic payment systems can I use at the investing?

For investment process are provided the following payment processors: Bitcoin, Advanced Cash, Payeer, Perfect Money.


What profitability on investments in the program?

You can get up to 5000% from the invested funds.


When can I get profit and the invested amount?

According to all investment offers, you will be able to get a profit and the invested amount after termination of the validity period of investment.


May I invest, using several investment offers at the same time?



May I create several investments, using for this purpose the same investment offer?



How much is admissible to invest minimally?

You can start investing with $10. Maximally you can to invest $100,000.


After I create investment into the program, whether I can change the investment plan?

No, it isn’t available. All transactions are final.


After I create investment into the program whether I can interrupt ahead of schedule of the investment plan action?

According to our vision of the investing process, we don’t hold investment funds on accounts. This money are constantly works, making profit for investors and company. Therefore to finish the contract ahead of schedule is impossible.


After I get money to an account balance what I have to do?

As soon as on your account balance will are money, you have to create request for funds withdrawal, using for this purpose the corresponding options of your personal account.


After I have created request for funds withdrawal how long this request will be processed?

After you have created request for funds withdrawal, this request will be processed no later than within 48 business hours. All requests for funds withdrawal are processing from Monday to Friday, from 08.00 to 19.00.


What minimum amount is available to withdraw?

You will be able to create request for funds withdrawal if on your account balance there is an amount, not less, than $2 in currency of Advanced Cash, Payeer or Perfect Money, or 0.0008 in Bitcoin currency.
Note. Currencies of different payment processors aren’t summarized during creation of the funds withdrawal request. For example, if on your account balance are $25 in total, but from them $1 of Payeer and $24 of Advanced Cash, you aren’t able to withdraw all money. Only $24 in Advanced Cash will be available to withdrawal.


What maximum amount is available to payment?

Not any restrictions.


How much fees do I have to pay for the funds withdrawal?

We don`t charge the fee for the funds withdrawal or for investing of funds into the program.


I want to withdraw the earned funds to the payment pricessor, differ from than that which I has used at investing. How am I able to do it?

This process is inaccessible. You can withdraw the funds only to the same payment processor with which has been used by you at the investment creating in the program.
Note. In case your referral has created investment in the program, the partner reward is available to withdrawal only in currency of payment processor, which has been used by this referral for investment creation.


How much will I be able to earn according to the partner program?

Your partner reward will be 5% from the any amount of investments which will make your referrals of the 1st level.


What is necessary to have an opportunity to earn the partner reward?

To have an opportunity to earn the partner reward, you just need to create the personal account in our program.
Note. In order to earn the partner reward, to have the own investments in the program is not necessarily.


My referral made a reinvest, but I did not get the partner reward. What is going wrong?

Most likely, your referral made a reinvest from the account balance. At the investments, created from the account balance, the partner reward will not be accrued.


May I change my upline?

Yes. Write the appropriate request to the customer support.


In what section there are banners?

In the personal account, in the “Team” section.


I forgot the password. How can I recover it now?

To recover the password, use the appropriate form of tha password recovery at our website.
If you experience difficulties when using this form, write the appropriate request to the customer support.


How to contact the customer support?

On the homepage of the company’s website just click the “SUPPORT” button below.
Besides, you can always ask for the help our online-consultants.
The customer support works from 08:00 to 19:00, Monday through Friday.




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